Russia is one of the most beautiful, fairy-tale like and fascinating countries on this planet, which always manages to draw tourists with different tastes from all over the globe. This is the ideal travel destination for fans of deserts, mountainous lakes and high mountain peaks, waterfalls, warm seas and vast steppes, for fans of deep forests, the widest and narrowest rivers, the ultimate heat and severe cold, fresh milk and koumiss, the antiquities of the East and modern buildings, matryoshka dolls, beautiful ballets and striking skating, hiking and driving, diving and swimming, outdoor adventures and never-sleeping nightlife, amazing sightseeing tours and shopping trips. Just make sure to see the luxurious palaces, ancient fortresses, wooden villages and the spired churches once on your own and you’ll understand all the splendor of this amazing land.

Russia occupies a huge territory, turning into the biggest country in the world. It’s not a surprise that you will be able to face all kinds of natural wonders here and be able to move from one specific warm spot to the ice-cold Siberia only in a couple of hours. The country is charming and astonishing with its wildlife, flora and fauna. And all of this is combined with a vast and complicated distinction of locations stretching from old Russian villages up to modern cities of the country, which are not left behind the modern Western cities.
Regardless of the variation of the zones, Russia is considered to be a great travel destination for those looking for a hospitable approach and warm atmosphere.
The main challenge in Russia is to discover as many sights as possible in the shortest time possible. The two basic start points of the Russian Federation are the current capital Moscow or St. Petersburg, which is called to be the “White capital of Russia”.
The capital of Russia is a city with a long history, but it does not mean that the attractions of Moscow belong only to the past era. Of course, the main world-famous monuments of history, architecture, art and cultural values have come to us from the past: the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral are known to everyone.

At the same time the city continues to host more and more architectural monuments, which are firmly taking their place among the rarities. These are the sights of Moscow known by only a small circle of connoisseurs. Among the many unusual objects are the houses, such as homes of Kekushev, architect Melnikov, House-Egg, and others. And still while passing by have a look at the custom homes in the city, while getting a chance to admire urban sights pleasing to the eye.
White capital of St. Petersburg, formerly called Leningard, is considered to be the main cultural center of the country. Here you should have a look at the Trinity BridgeWinter Palace and Peter and Paul Fortress, which was built to protect the river sided city. Winter Palace is mostly popular for hosting Hermitage Museum, which has the largest collection of Russian paintings. There’s a large list of paintings of foreign artists too bought by local rich people. Another interest-causing place is St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is the largest Orthodox Cathedral in the world. The building is made within the Romanic style with the use of 100 kilograms of gold.
Another option, which will not get you too far from these two cities is the “Golden Ring”. This is a group of cities and towns, which come up with interesting historical and architectural wonders. The list includes Vladimir, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Rostov Velikiy and Yaroslavl. Here you will find the oldest churches and monasteries of Russia coming with creative architectural approaches.

In contrast to the urban life, the Black Sea coast of Russia is just ideal for skiing and swimming in the sea. The region attracts a huge number of both local and foreign tourists. The capital of the upcoming Olympic Games will be the city of Sochi, which is known for its beaches and resort areas.
Not far from Sochi is a resort called Krasnaya Polyana (Red Field), and here you can go skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. For the preparation of the Olympic games all prices have risen, so do not be surprised if you have to pay for housing and the gear several times greater than in the Alps!
If some of you still wonder whether the visit to Russia is worth it, then just remember the fact that there’s a huge list of local places, items and sights of interest which cannot be experienced in any other corner of the world. The charm of the nature, the feeling of the comfort, the coziness of the local villages and the active nightlife in large cities will not give you a chance to get bored here.
The astonishing days, filed up with the most amazing memories, will definitely lead to the continuous visits to Russia to be able to discover as many mysterious and delicate spots as possible. Despite this you will always have enormous amount of information in photos for sharing with friends, that might give an idea of group visit back to Russia.

Photos © Flickr, Panoramio

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